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Brand Mission

NUI Meaning = nvs. great. grand. supreme. abundant.

Core Purpose: Sustainable nourishment

Vision: Giving individuals access to nutritious meals even on the go.

The NUI Mission is to help people attain their highest degree of health and performance using an easy, holistic approach to nutrition. We support our products and the individuals who use them with integrity, honesty, and a passion for environmental collaboration and sustainability. To us, NUI doesn’t just represent the highest degree of health and nutrition, it also speaks to the supreme ingredients used within all of our products.

Brand Story

Eastern cultures have been using food as medicine for thousands of years. Despite advancements in medical technology, many people are now considering medicinal foods to help improve overall health, conditions, and even treat diseases. With education on the subject expanding, and with the trend gaining traction in the west, The NUI Company is here to guide the way.

Our hemp products are specialty formulated to maintain Homeostasis and promote healthy organ function with the power of hemp and other natural plant extracts and powders. This allows your body to re-energize and recover.
We call this the NUI effect.

NUI Wellness Benefits


Hemp seeds provide a beneficial balance of essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which is important for the immune system. The ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 in hemp seeds is 3:1, which is considered the optimal range of fatty acids and has been shown to empower immune response.


Hemp seeds contain an especially beneficial type of omega-6 fat called GLA that works in the body as an anti-inflammatory massager. GLA can decrease inflammation, and may help people suffering from eczema, arthritis, muscle pain and any other type of bodily swelling.


Cannabinoids found in hemp seed oil mimics major receptors in the brain and studies have proved this can minimize anxiety and depression. The high levels of magnesium, amino acids and B vitamins in hemp seeds make them a natural solution to alleviating stress.

Brain Health

Hemp Hearts have been known to improve focus and cognitive functioning. They contain brain-friendly antioxidants, omega fats, essential vitamins, and minerals. In a nutshell, these tiny seeds are everything you’ll need for brain nutrition, no wonder they’re famously called ‘brain-food’.

Weight Loss

Hemp is fiber rich and a natural appetite suppressant, therefore it can help you feel full for longer and reduce hunger cravings. Nutritionally complete hemp hearts are extremely rich in protein and contain lots of healthy fats, which again make them good for weight loss.

Heart Health

Hemp hearts can reduce your chances of heart disease since they contain high amounts of the amino acid arginine, which produces nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is a gas molecule that makes your blood vessels dilate and relax, leading to lowered blood pressure and a reduced risk of heart disease.

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